Weekend at Seba Beach

Seba Beach is my home away from home.  It’s where I spent most of my weekends growing up, and now that I am older it is where I go whenever I can get a chance.  Alas, that is not often enough for my liking.  It’s located about an hour away from Edmonton on the corner of Lake Wabamun.  If you are a local, that would be the lake that was the site of the train-derailed-oil-all-over fiasco a few years back.  Luckily, the lake is seemingly unscarred…

I spent the long weekend there with my girlfriend and my family.  We spent time reading, sitting, and occasionally walking for ice cream.  Mmm…

I also got a chance to hike up the hill near to a little area that has some awesome mushrooms (to look at!) and some nice vegetation.  These are a few of my favorites from the weekend.


PS - I’m thinking I should probably get a watermark or something…not that I expect people are thieving images, but because it might be fun!  Thoughts?  

A walk in the valley

This weekend included a short photo adventure into Edmonton’s beautiful river valley.  My girlfriend and I got a couple really good shots, and also managed to get eaten by mosquitoes.  Such is the price we pay for our art.

As you may begin to notice - I have a thing for tiny critters.  Bugs are awesome, and once I set up a light table for myself - whew…it’s gonna get crazy up in here.


Another new update

I’ve been playing in lightroom a bit - what a great program.  I’ve added a new set (Inorganic Life), and a non-macro section.  Since I don’t exclusively shoot macro, this was something I thought I should do.  Hope you life the work!


A word on Edmonton Winter Life

If you aren’t from around here (the far north, or the far south) - then you probably haven’t had much experience with really cold weather.  It’s not enough to say it gets to -40C some days - that number really doesn’t mean jack.  I have a couple pics that I took one frosty morning on my way to work.  It was about 9am - and really just another day in mid-febuary. 

At times it gets cold enough here that we get a phenomenon called ice fog.  It gets so cold and still that the very small amount of water in the air condenses, and forms fog.  When it’s -30 or colder, it immediately builds ice crystals onto everything exposed to the fog.  The result is called a Hoar frost - and it is beautiful.  As I dig up photos of this winter event, ill add them.  In the mean time, remember these photos are from outside, on things I just happened to walk by.

Cheers :)


ps - these photos are not from my nice macro lens…they are from a Canon SD1100.  Noticeably less amazing..still not bad!


Some people I once worked with (at least a few of them) decided to strike out into the world of social networking.  What they came up with is called EmpireAvenue (www.empireavenue.com) - in a few weeks it goes public, and I suggest you check it out.  Buy and sell stock in your friends.  Their stock value increases and decreases in relation to their online activity.  Fun?  Yes.

Try it out :)




This is my personal blog - I will be uploading photos, with an emphasis on macro work. Feel free to comment :D



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