It's been awhile

Work has been killer, and I have been shooting when I can. I had a great weekend with the Steampunk group here in my town, and have shot literally thousands of pics in the last month.  UNFORTUNATELY, my trial of lightroom expired before I could get everything finished up.  I just purchased it, so that should be taken care of very very soon.  I am aware I could have got a hacked copy without any real trouble, but honestly I LOVE lightroom - and I want to be taken seriously. That means I will pony up the (honestly) meager amount of cash it takes to buy the program, and my conscience and I can take a breather.  In the meantime, visit some of the very talented photographers that also use this site.  Next step, upgrade this to a pro-blog.  You only live once, you might as well be happy with what you get while you are here. 


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This is my personal blog - I will be uploading photos, with an emphasis on macro work. Feel free to comment :D



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