The Bachelor party

This weekend a bunch of us headed down to McLeod river - an awesome camp site about an hour from Hinton (near the town of Robb).  No cell service, no running water (except the river), and no worries!  15 guys, a dozen coolers full of food and drinks, and more than 1 or 2 good cameras.  The result - a bachelor party!

On Saturday morning I got up a bit before 8am - partially because I can’t sleep when I drink, and partially because I LOVE camping and usually don’t sleep much when I am in the wilderness.  It afforded me time to cook a pretty decent breakfast for everyone, and then wander off into the woods for a few hours of macro photo madness.  I took 400 images, about 150 of which are meant for HDR work (once I figure out how to do it well).  Of the remainder, I selected my favorites to display.  Most of them are plants and fungus’ that I found within a kilometer of the campsite.  We also found we had a squirrel that would steal peanuts from us - I got a lot of pics of that guy.  I was close enough to touch him (her?) - but we had an understanding ;)

Hope you like them!


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This is my personal blog - I will be uploading photos, with an emphasis on macro work. Feel free to comment :D



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