Making a light table, gorilla style.

I’m really interested in doing macro photography - that is really the point of this blog.  I have decided start a project, I am going to build myself a light table to do macro work on!  From what I can tell (and from experience using said light tables) this is what I need.

1) A large peice of translucent* plexiglass.  *not transparent!*

2) A metz flash, or similarily powerful flash or strobe unit.  Since this is gorilla-lighting, I will use a flash unit.

3) A stand - probably made of angle-iron bolted together.  It needs to be more than waist high.  Chest high for me is probably best (about 5 feet up)

4) Lighting gels (optional)

5) Clamps, or tools to set the plexi into the stand.

Done!  Well, I think anyway.  I will add photos of the development of this object as I make/find them.  It might very well be easier and cheaper to buy one.  I hope not though, I like projects…

*update* - I have found exactly the item I am hoping to make.  Price is 129$US plus shipping.  I figure if I can make it for less than 129$, I win. 


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This is my personal blog - I will be uploading photos, with an emphasis on macro work. Feel free to comment :D



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