Weekend at Seba Beach

Seba Beach is my home away from home.  It’s where I spent most of my weekends growing up, and now that I am older it is where I go whenever I can get a chance.  Alas, that is not often enough for my liking.  It’s located about an hour away from Edmonton on the corner of Lake Wabamun.  If you are a local, that would be the lake that was the site of the train-derailed-oil-all-over fiasco a few years back.  Luckily, the lake is seemingly unscarred…

I spent the long weekend there with my girlfriend and my family.  We spent time reading, sitting, and occasionally walking for ice cream.  Mmm…

I also got a chance to hike up the hill near to a little area that has some awesome mushrooms (to look at!) and some nice vegetation.  These are a few of my favorites from the weekend.


PS - I’m thinking I should probably get a watermark or something…not that I expect people are thieving images, but because it might be fun!  Thoughts?  

Super Macro

I have LEVELED UP!  

I got some expansion tubes, which means I can get even closer to the action…at the price of several f-stops.  That makes things harder with *any* wind, because your exposures has to be between 2 and 6 times longer to get the same amount of light.  It’s all good though. 

Mosquitoes. Lots and lots of them.

Check out these photos!


Yup - this doesn’t really fit into my macro blog, but I am posting it anyway!

I took a blacksmithing course (two actually), and decided to bring my camera along for the second one.  This is a few of the sights, but really - I can’t do it justice.  so fun!

Some old ones

I found a few old pictures while cleaning out my PC - I didn’t have lightroom when I took these, indeed - I didn’t even own a decent camera, but I did borrow one.  I had not yet figured out how to use macro lenses and live-view correctly - but these still turned out.  Enjoy!

I'm kinda out of pictures I want to post...

So, winter in Edmonton is almost on us - if you aren’t from around here - that means a lot of cold, and a fair bit of snow.  It also means that getting out there with a camera (especially with an LCD screen)  is tricky…dangerous for your camera.  Limited chances for cool outdoor macros, and a few weeks of playing around…I am out of photos to play with - for now.

We have a set of pyramids here (seriously) that are made of glass and have unique climates in each of them (there are 4).  They house some extremely unique plants…and I am going to go there! Sometime…they have rules about this sort of thing.  I take a while for each photo - so I need to be out of they way of other people.  Could be interesting.  


Well, here are the last 2 photos I can find that are close enough to being in focus to play with. Enjoy!

It's been awhile

Work has been killer, and I have been shooting when I can. I had a great weekend with the Steampunk group here in my town, and have shot literally thousands of pics in the last month.  UNFORTUNATELY, my trial of lightroom expired before I could get everything finished up.  I just purchased it, so that should be taken care of very very soon.  I am aware I could have got a hacked copy without any real trouble, but honestly I LOVE lightroom - and I want to be taken seriously. That means I will pony up the (honestly) meager amount of cash it takes to buy the program, and my conscience and I can take a breather.  In the meantime, visit some of the very talented photographers that also use this site.  Next step, upgrade this to a pro-blog.  You only live once, you might as well be happy with what you get while you are here. 


Another weekend adventure

I once was a farmer - a few years ago.  I drove trucks, combines, swathers, and a few machines that you may not know of ;)

This coming weekend I am headed to Vegreville - the home of the Giant egg.  I am bringing my camera, and when I get back I hope to add a few goodies to my collection here.  For anyone who may be reading, have a good weekend!


*edit* - Excellent weekend, and a few non-macro photos to boot!.  Gotta add a new section, apparently. 

The Bachelor party

This weekend a bunch of us headed down to McLeod river - an awesome camp site about an hour from Hinton (near the town of Robb).  No cell service, no running water (except the river), and no worries!  15 guys, a dozen coolers full of food and drinks, and more than 1 or 2 good cameras.  The result - a bachelor party!

On Saturday morning I got up a bit before 8am - partially because I can’t sleep when I drink, and partially because I LOVE camping and usually don’t sleep much when I am in the wilderness.  It afforded me time to cook a pretty decent breakfast for everyone, and then wander off into the woods for a few hours of macro photo madness.  I took 400 images, about 150 of which are meant for HDR work (once I figure out how to do it well).  Of the remainder, I selected my favorites to display.  Most of them are plants and fungus’ that I found within a kilometer of the campsite.  We also found we had a squirrel that would steal peanuts from us - I got a lot of pics of that guy.  I was close enough to touch him (her?) - but we had an understanding ;)

Hope you like them!



One of my new favorite hobbies is messing around on #empireavenue (www.empireavenue.com) - and now they have upgraded this blog to actually *be* a blog (in their eyes).  What does that mean?  Nothing, really.  It means my stock value goes up more as a result of my activity here.  That doesn’t mean I am going to spam messages or anything, but it doesn mean that more people will be notifiied when I upload or update this blog. 

I’m enjoying this, though I have yet to really find a direction (other than Macro) - If you are actually reading this, feel free to suggest some topics.  I’m all eyes.


Making a light table, gorilla style.

I’m really interested in doing macro photography - that is really the point of this blog.  I have decided start a project, I am going to build myself a light table to do macro work on!  From what I can tell (and from experience using said light tables) this is what I need.

1) A large peice of translucent* plexiglass.  *not transparent!*

2) A metz flash, or similarily powerful flash or strobe unit.  Since this is gorilla-lighting, I will use a flash unit.

3) A stand - probably made of angle-iron bolted together.  It needs to be more than waist high.  Chest high for me is probably best (about 5 feet up)

4) Lighting gels (optional)

5) Clamps, or tools to set the plexi into the stand.

Done!  Well, I think anyway.  I will add photos of the development of this object as I make/find them.  It might very well be easier and cheaper to buy one.  I hope not though, I like projects…


*update* - I have found exactly the item I am hoping to make.  Price is 129$US plus shipping.  I figure if I can make it for less than 129$, I win. 



This is my personal blog - I will be uploading photos, with an emphasis on macro work. Feel free to comment :D



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